Our philosophy

„Cat fans meet here“ or „something’s purring here“, those are two subtitles we like to describe our 1st KRV club. Short and very fitting they say how a great hobby is even more fun together with friends and being with a bunch of like-minded people.

Here you can compare notes ad libitum, no matter if you are a breeder, keep a pedigree cat or are simply proud of your petcat. What worth does success have, if you are not able to share it with people who are just as fascinated by the intriguing felines as you are yourself?

One basic building block of our club life is supporting the personal communication between our club members. Take e.g. our regular club meetings or social network activities. Both give you the opportunity to exchange information and experience, to discuss problems and questions or to plan your next exhibition together with friends.

Working together is the foundation for our high demand of quality we ask of ourselves. No matter if it is housing, breeding or exhibition, here the cat plays the main role and it deserves for the standards to be high. That our philosophy is good and right is seen in our exhibitions which are extremely well visited and well liked by breeders even beyond German borders. Not to forget our pedigree issuing, in which papers are created through competency and expert knowledge. Papers which are worthy of the term pedigree. Often we are even able to research and emend mistakes or incomplete information in prior generations.

This we are proud of – we the 1st KRV!